Cala Cipolla, Teulada, near Cagliari in south Sardinia
“Sardo serves some of the best Italian food to be found in London, and at much more sensible prices than such celebrated rivals....It's highly unusual to find a great local restaurant in the West End, but that's what this joint is”
Matthew Norman, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine
“The formula here (at Sardo) is the one that explains why Italian is our dominant cuisine. Take the finest, freshest ingredients, cook them with precision, present them attractively but without fuss, and all without charging a fortune.”
The Guardian Weekend
“Romolo Mudu has upgraded Sardo from a pizza/pasta place to a Sardinian restaurant of exceptional quality. You might try antipasti of alici (tangy, silvery anchovies), and mussels with fregola, the distinctive and distinctively moreish Sardinian pasta "rice", before moving on to chef Roberto Sardu's signature dish of linguine al granchio - pasta with sweet crab-meat”
Jeremy Wayne, The Guardian Guide
“It is keen, pleasantly low-key and approachable, the very epitome of a modern metropolitan neighbourhood restaurant… The food really chimes with the modern metropolitan mood. It’s easy on the eye and easy on the tum, a fine balance between indulgence and dietary dictata pretty stylish operation serving pretty stylish food.”
Matthew Fort, Food Editor of the Guardian
“Sardo is an absolute joy of a restaurant, where father and daughter owners, Romolo and Bianca Mudu are totally hands on.”
Tatler Restaurant Guide 2008


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